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美国网民:中国高铁真的让人很羡慕 难怪川普恨中国


SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China has completed two new high-speed rail lixs connecting Kunming the capital of southwestern Yunnan province with Shanghai and Guangzhou on the eastern coast according to a transport ministry notice.

China is in the middle of an ambitious railway building program and aims to criss-cross the country with four north-south and four east-west bullet train connections and expand its total network to 150000 km (93200 miles) by the end of the decade.


Alex 23 hours ago
China doesn't talk China fixes things and makes things happen. Actions speak loudest. CNN and Western main stream medias continue to hate on China
中国不夸夸其谈,他们致力于解决问题,让事情发生。行动才是最响亮的。 CNN和西方主流媒体继续在讨厌中国

TheMan 16 hours ago
And the US can't even build one because of corporate greed.

Jason 1 day ago
China is good at building infrastructure.

Democracy exporter 17 hours ago
From Shanghai to Kunming 2252 kilometres (1400 miles) now will take 11 hours and 15 minutes less than half the previous traveling time. 'The previous traveling time' refers only to last ten years. When I was a teenage in China it took 3 full days traveling from Shanghai to Kunming by train.
从上海到昆明2252公里(1400英里)现在将需要花11小时15分钟,不到以前时间的一半。 “之前的旅行时间”仅指过去的十年。当时我在中国,还是一个少年,花了整整3天时间乘火车从上海到昆明旅行。

LaoShur 22 hours ago
Meanwhile back in the U.S.A. repubs work frantically to appease Israel while roads continue to degrade bridges grow older traffic worsens and repubs claim rail travel costs too much. But Israel MUST get our FULL attention and FULL financial support. If we don't put Israel first over America then their god won't bless us and the x-tians won't get to go to heaven and sit with the king of Israel forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. The zionist jews control the zionist x-tians and the zionist x-tians control our government and they will drag us down into nothingness groveling unto Israel...!

Real 1 day ago
What an achievement!

Phil 15 hours ago
And US rails are falliing apart many left over from the Civil War. But we have tons of money for Afghanistan Pakistan and and others who hate us. Keep that money at home and build high speed rail here sure beats flying and being treat like crap by airlines.

Denis 16 hours ago
China is for peace stability and prosperity for all people to enjoy. The US is for chaos unrest and destruction for others to suffer and for itself to enjoy.

B H 17 hours ago
Trump said that he'd spend $1 trillion in the next 10 years on infrastructure in the US. That sounds like A LOT. China invested that much in infrastructure construction in the first NINE MONTHS of 2016!!!

PS 16 hours ago
While the US fights wars China overtakes us.

J M 1 day ago
Way to go China! Full speed ahead....!!

Ken 1 day ago
Where is our high speed train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Yahoo Reader 15 hours ago
Meanwhile 10.000 dogs and cats will be killed and eaten during a festival in China's annual Yulin festival.
与此同时,在中国一年一年度的玉林(狗肉)节期间,将有10 000只狗和猫被杀死吃掉。

Maurice 12 hours ago
So as I read through the post I see most of you giving high fives to the Chinese but I haven't come across one of you that points out that land they use to build those tracks if your home was in the way tough luck MOVE and oh by the way no compensation for the lose of your home farm or business. Hmmmm and most likely they didn't care about the environmental impact i.e. no study to see if we move this hill what does it do to this river. You are patting them on the back for the achievement but at what cost the intended and unintended problems down the line...

Marius 16hours ago
Meantimethe US is building more and more weapons to be able to destroy all of itnice

Richard Y 16 hours ago

Russ 9 hours ago
Hate to be on one when an earthquake happens. I am not a fan of rail. Too many obstacles on the ground that an airplane doesn't have to deal with at cruising speed. Rail - 11hours 15min to go 1400 miles. An airliner will do it in 2.5 hours cruise. Add a half hour for take off and landing and it is 3 hours. I don't think there is much upside for rail as a long distance passenger transportation system. Save it for freight and short commuter distances.

Eldon 15 hours ago
Meanwhile California can't get 50 miles of track laid for their "High Speed Train" and they still don't have a route through the Tehachapi Mountains.

Zack 16 hours ago
And the tyranny hear in the Great USA continues from the oil industry.

George 6 hours ago
My wife took the train from Shanghai to Tianjin and back Christmas week. She raves about it. I love the Shanghai subway system. We need these transportation systems in the US

smlslk 7 hours ago
29 of China's 31 provinces and regions are now served by high-speed rail" Highest bridge opened today too. Guess theres no money being the police of the globe eh? Well maybe for the arms industry.

John 15 hours ago 约翰 15小时前
Instead of driverless cars we should have high speed trains.

ming 4 hours ago 明 4小时前
the west short sighted and ideological oriented especially its media doesn't understand economics and sociology in strategic ways. the high speed rails and other infrastructure projects are not for show or bragging rights (those are for typical western politicians) those projects will guarantee the growth of china for next 50 years to come.
西方人,尤其是西方媒体的短浅目光和意识形态,使得他们根本不明白经济学和社会学的战略方法。 高铁和其它的基础设施建设不是为了炫耀和吹嘘(觉得这是为了炫耀是典型西方政客的想法),这些工程将会保证中国接下来50年的发展。

Yahoo! 10 hours ago 雅虎! 10小时前
Yes China you did it again! 2016 Outstanding Transit System of the Year. Keep Up The Good Work.
真棒,中国你再次做到了! 在2016年里优秀的运输系统。做得好,请保持!

peter 10 hours ago 皮特 10小时前

Hu Jin Tao 6 hours ago 胡景涛 6小时前
I've traveled on China's high speed rail. It's fast convenient safe and inexpensive. As an American I'm jealous that we have nothing comparable. We should. My home state California has been wasting money trying to build one but so far only 'consultants' have anything to show for the millions spent. What a joke.
我曾经乘坐中国高铁旅行。我感觉它很快速、方便、安全,而且价格便宜。作为一个美国人我感到嫉妒,因为我们没有什么能够与之相比较的。我的老家-加利福尼亚州 一直在浪费钱去建造一个同样的项目,但是迄今为止花费了数百万却什么都看不到。简直逗!

Mark 6 hours ago 马克 6小时前
Meanwhile we sit idle on Amtrak while waiting in a siding for a freight train to pass............embarrassing. Imagine the high speed rail network we'd have here if the business fatcats hadn't given away manufacturing to China.........
与此同时,我们待在美国铁路公司里无所事事的等待着新货运列车的验证通过..........真尴尬。 想象一下,如果那些有钱有势的商人没有把制造业拱手让给中国,我们就能拥有这些高铁网络。

Randolph 14 hours ago
" It stretches 2252 kilometres (1400 miles) and will take 11 hours and 15 minutes less than half the previous traveling time the notice said." Don't they have airplanes in China? Doesn't a passenger plane got about 500mph so it could go 1400 miles in a few hours?

J 9 hours ago
Our poltiicians past present/future LOVE creating WARS/ENEMIES....CHINA....on the other hand shaking hands with other people making business deals building their country expanding their human resources.....etc. Who do you think will WIN at the END? CHINA!!!!!!

Randolph 14 hours ago
China and the US are about the same size yet people use size as an excuse not to build passenger rail in the US.



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